15 Water Games and Summer Activities for Kids

Make a splash with these summer-perfect water games and activities. Teamwork games that involves beach ball and water guns, amazing water carpet for the whole family to enjoy and many other activities. Check out these water games and summer activities for kids.

#1.Teamwork game. Involves beach ball and water guns. Aim is to get ball to other teams court. Great summer fun for a HOT day!!

#2 Amazing Water Carpet

This is a cool new thing to toss in the water and have kids hang out and play on.. More details HERE…

#4 DIY Leak Proof Water Blob

more details HERE…

#5 Backyard Water Party With Pinatas!

more details

#6 Bull-Riding experience on water

more details HERE…

#7 How To Make A PVC Pipe Sand And Water Table

more details HERE…


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