DIY Horseshoe Craft Project Ideas

1.Table & Chair Set

2. Horse shoe boot rack with hat stand

3. Horseshoe toothbrush holder

more details

4. Horseshoe Drink Holder

more details


6.Fire Pit Topper –

Western Fire pit made out of a tire rim, horse shoes and fence posts.

more details

7. Horseshoe Christmas Tree

This is available

credit: … Horseshoe Christmas Tree available

8. Pumpkin horseshoe craft project

more details

9. Horseshoe Wine Bottle+Glass Holder

This is available

credit: … is available

10. Handcrafted Horseshoe Boot Rack

more details here…


One Response to “DIY Horseshoe Craft Project Ideas”

  1. Aline olson says:

    Do you make salt and pepper shaker holders.

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