Dump Truck Lamp

How about this Dump Truck Lamp? Take a look at these dump truck lamp ideas. Here you see magnificent examples, created by professional designers. You can make an adorable DIY construction dump truck lamp that will look great in any room, find the truck , or you can buy one. These are available in the links below.



#1 Dump Truck Table Lamp

This is a dump truck table lamp and it is approximately 22″ inches tall. This makes a great addition to any kids room for a night light!  This is available


#2 Antique pressed steel ambulance Lamp

This antique pressed steel ambulance is perfect for the Firefighter in your life. Works great as a desk light or maybe an accent light on a bookcase or table. This is available


#3 Cool table lamp

This toasty red Buckeye Metal Toy Truck from the 1950’s has been repurposed into a cool table lamp. There is rust everywhere. Just how we like them. One-of-a-kind! This is available


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