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Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead: Practical Advice

Are you thinking about going off the grid? Congratulations!!! It will be the adventure of your life! Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead is a book writed by , a wife who decited to live off the grid with her husband and their two young children. She decited to write this book to help you start your own off-grid homesteading journey. In it you’ll learn: (more…)

Earthy Tiny Dome Home in the Woods

With modern society separating Man and Nature more and more, the quick getaways from the stressful urban life is growing in popularity. If you’re interested in this topic, then you’ll think you’ve seen it all. But forget about the mobile homes or little cabins, it’s time you meet the impressive earthy tiny dome home. (more…)

Best 10+ Horseshoe Projects Ideas

Are you in search for an original project you can do at home with things you already own? The object you see in picture is a very original DIY project. The owner of several horseshoes welded them together to form a rustic looking clock. (more…)

Two brothers create low-cost wind turbine to make renewable energy affordable for all

Creating energy self-sufficiency has been an objective for people ever since electric power has become a necessity. But for a long time, doing that meant impacting the ecological balance of the environment around. Arun and Anoop George from Kerala, India have managed to achieve that, whilst also reducing dependence on state power grids and localizing an affordable renewable energy solution.  (more…)

DIY Woodland Animal Stools

Adorable handmade child-sized animal stool! Pictured here (first pic) is a bunny rabbit. This trendy little critter has a dark purple-gray body and legs, white ears and a shiny pink nose. She’s sporting a stylish pair of glasses with chunky green frames. These are adorable! If you want a stool like this for your little one, these are available (more…)

Build the perfect playground for your cats!

Here are some great ideas for you home designed by for cats. Living in a small home or apartment can be crowded enough, without adding bulky cat trees and towers to the mix. So how do you enrich your cat’s life without sacrificing up your own comfort? While you can’t add more rooms to expand your cat’s territory, you can build up instead. (more…)

Learn How to Build A U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed

Growing plants in your yard is not easy. But if you can make the task easy, why shouldn’t you resort to clever tricks? The DIY  Raised Garden Bed (MyDailyRandomness Blog)  is one such trick that will definitely help. Besides the improved quality of the soil as well as better drain access benefited from a raised garden bed, you can still have issues reaching some of your plants; and that was the whole point of having a raised garden bed in the first place – easier access and less effort.  (more…)

DIY play kitchen chair slipcover

Here’s a cute project for your children: a chair slipcover transformed into a play kitchen. This project is so great because you don’t need a large space to implement it, and your child can play in any corner of the house, even outdoors. The idea consists of a simple chair and a cover that is transformed into a tiny kitchen. How, you may ask?  (more…)

An Easy Guide To Building Raised Gardening Beds

1. Choose a sunny, fairly level site.  2. Choose your construction material. 3. Determine your bed size..  Raised beds are becoming a real trend in gardening, but not everyone knows what raised beds are. Here are some extra information that will make this whole concept a lot more clear for you and will help you decide if raised beds are what you are looking for or not. (more…)


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