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Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse

Here’s an attractive modern home built by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, nicknamed The Elsa, in some ways the tiny house that’s unlike any other tiny house you’ve ever seen. When at it’s destination, the tiny house has a separate trailer that connects with it and has a greenhouse mounted to it. (more…)

Beautiful Custom-made Mailbox

This handmade item can be a great Christmas or Weeding Gift. Custom-made mailbox with wood roof. Handcrafted and stained in brown stain which protects the wood from the elements. A rubbed brass handle in the front for opening the mailbox. (more…)

Medusae Pendant Lamps

Californian designer expects her Medusae collection of lamps to literally illuminate the problem of plastic pollution in oceans and seas. “I wanted to bring to the surface, and illuminate the growing problem of plastic polluting our oceans in a way that makes people inspired to help. (more…)

Doug Lawrence Woodworking

Doug is a native of Berryville, VA, where he grew up on a small farm surrounded by the natural world. After studying environmental sciences and architectural design at the University of Virginia, he moved to Paraguay in 2012 to serve with the Peace Corps. It was during his volunteer service that Doug began woodworking as a serious hobby, (more…)

The Night Oak Tree Door

What other place showcase your personality to any guest than the front door? The custom carved wood doors can be the answer you’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since you decided to keep wood as (more…)

Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

No longer content to just deliver everything under the sun to your house, Amazon will now deliver you an actual house. A shipping container house to be specific. MODS International has now made their shipping container home shockingly easy to order, all it takes is a few clicks and small space sustainable living can be yours. (more…)

How to Build an Off Grid Log Cabin: For FREE!

James start to building his new log cabin, for free, and he talk about the time lived off-grid and show us his old log cabin that has been standing for 25 years now – 15 of those years completely unmaintained.
Stay tuned for the following videos as he complete the cabin using all natural materials and stockpile food and other supplies for a year of off-grid living. (more…)

Chicken Sweater Crochet Patterns

Winter isn’t hard only on people. Animals and birds suffer as well from the cold weather, some just migrate to other countries in order to find the climate comfort they need. When this isn’t possible, as responsible human beings there is something you could do: make clothes! The DIY sweaters for chickens are a great and useful idea you can implement right away. (more…)

How to set up a Complete Off the grid living System using Solar and Wind Turbines

How would you like to have your own power system and switch to a completely off-the-grid lifestyle? One of the major advantages of this system would be that you will never have to pay the electricity bills again and also have a power source that you can use all year long. This way you won’t dependent (more…)

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