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TESLA Kills The Duck With Big Batteries

Tesla has become synonymous with innovation and eco-friendly. The famous brand has managed, in a rather short time on the technological scale, to bring forward another innovation, this time in energy production and consumption. Solar power has become popular but they lack one thing in order to be used constantly: (more…)

Here’s What It’s Like to Live in the Woods, Off the Grid

In 2007, a man and a woman walked into the woods of North Carolina to a small camp. The camp turned into their home, and the home into a community.

So goes the story of the early days of Wild Roots, a forest commune in western North Carolina, built on a few founding principles—living freely, not wasting, and constantly learning. (more…)

Build a Permanent Adirondack Shelter in 2 Days

An Adirondack shelter is an open-fronted shelter of a type traditionally built alongside hiking trails in the Adirondacks, typically made from wood and having a roof that slopes steeply backward; also occasionally “Adirondack shelter-camp”. Learn how to build a permanent adirondack shelter in 2 days. Shawn describes the building process. Check it out at in the video below.

This Cabin In The Woods Is Built Out Of 3 Shipping Containers. This is so beautiful!

The interior is neat, dressed up in impeccable white, yet with splashes of colour, here and there. The colourful rugs create a comfy feeling and somehow, they remind us of the pure and minimalistic (also very stylish) Scandinavian design.

An Egg-cellent Apron PATTERN

Working in the kitchen should not be all serious faces. Yes, making food is almost like science, but it’s nice to have fun from time to time. In the same manner, having a suitable wardrobe in the kitchen can make you smile. The Egg Gathering Apron is a great example.

See more at: http://shoessraid.info/diy-egg-gathering-apron-from-a-pillowcase/

Jack Skellington Door Knob Nightmare

This one-of-a-kind piece of art is perfect for any Nightmare Before Halloween, Christmas or Tim Burton fan. This piece of home decor is made of steel and was TIG welded. Back plates are nickel plated. You won’t find anything else quite like it. Please check out these other listings for unique metal art and you can (more…)

For the Cost of an Iphone, A Wind Turbine Can Power An Entire House

Creating energy self-sufficiency has been an objective for people ever since electric power has become a necessity. But for a long time, doing that meant impacting the ecological balance of the environment around. Arun and Anoop George from Kerala, India have managed to achieve that, whilst also reducing dependence on state power grids and localizing an affordable renewable energy solution. (more…)

How To Make Endless Hot Water Without Electricity


Did you know that rocket stoves can be used for other things besides cooking? Scott Hunt will show you in this next video how to heat water using a rocket stove. All you need to do is have some chopped wooden pieces and you’re ready to heat water without using electricity. Just imagine how much money you could save by applying this technique in your own home. (more…)

Making A Trip Wire Alarm System

Have you ever thought about making an alarm when going camping or just to have one in case of emergency? Making a trip wire alarm system is easier than it seems at a first glance and it will notify you in case there is an emergency or an intruder near you. You will need to have a trigger, which will be made out of a wire, fishing line or twine. (more…)

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