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The Silo Cottage

It is a romantic-style tiny house, built inside an old grain silo and located in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. The tiny house goes by the very hip name of “Silo Studio” and was made in order to be used as a studio by the sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson. And this is not even the most exciting part about it, (more…)

Floating Off-Grid Tiny House

Ever wanted a lake-house or tiny cabin by the lake? This next design is not only near the lake, but it’s actually on a lake which makes it even more spectacular. It’s a floating, off-the-grid design created by the Russian company called Bio Architects. The house is a prefabricated one and design to sustain itself on water and runs on solar power. It can be also built on land, but being surrounded by water is way more adventurous and unique. (more…)

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

This Unicorn Christmas Ornament are so beautiful!  Make your Christmas tree whimsical and magical with this handmade glass ornament! Give this to your favorite little girl and watch her eyes light up when she sees her name on the back! Each ornament is made to order and there can be some variations in the color of flowers. (more…)

DIY Tomato Cage Ghost

Halloween is not your favorite time to shine in terms of decorating the home? You don’t fear this festive occasion because of all the horror movies and costumes running down the street, but because you will need to find some interesting pieces to dress your house with.  (more…)

12 ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls around the house

SHARE this with your friends and family. Toilet paper rolls seem pretty useless once they got no more toilet paper left on them and they usually end up in the garbage. But what if you start reusing these toilet paper rolls in your DIY projects instead of throwing them out? As it turns out, the rolls are more useful than they might seem at a first glance and here’s a selection of clever ways in which you can reuse them. For instance, you can cut (more…)

Man converts van into off-grid survival vehicle (video)

When you mention a survival vehicle, your mind won’t automatically think of a Mitsubishi van. But when you see what John McElhiney from New Zealand has accomplished, you will surely be amazed. The survival vehicle is truly one good piece of engineering. Besides being a functioning 4WD, the transformed van also packs (more…)

New Grain Bin Homes are weather, termite, and fire proof.

Sukup Safe-T Homes are weather, termite, and fire proof. And cheap.

After the January 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, Sukup company saw an opportunity to help. They designed the Safe T Home, measuring 18-feet in diameter and made entirely of metal, making it resistant to termites and moisture. They are also virtually earthquake proof. Each home can sleep 10 or more and features a double-roofed system that displaces heat, a full-size, (more…)

German Couple Convert Vintage Railway Cars Into House

Living in the train has an entire new meaning thanks to this couple of enthusiasts. Marco Stepniak and Vanessa Stallbaum from Germany did something unexpected: they transformed a couple of trains into a lovely residence. They started with acquiring two vintage mail cars totaling $29,000 (because new ones were much too expensive) (more…)

Elon Musk Suggests Rebuilding Puerto Rico With Solar-powered electricity grid

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla is well-known and highly appreciated thanks to his visionary ideas. His most recent one, focuses on Puerto Rico which has been recently hit by hurricanes and suffered great casualties. This also means that most of the power grids in the country have been destroyed and Tesla is trying their best to help them restore power sources. (more…)

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