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Jack Daniel’s Themed Kitchen With Concrete Countertop

This next cool kitchen design was built by Dusty Baker of Stone-Crete for a Tennessee-based client who loves Jack Daniels and having friends over in the weekends. Of course, thanks to the location and the client’s love for the well-known whisky, a Jack Daniels inspired kitchen counter top seemed like the right choice. In addition to this, the clients of Dusty Baker live right next to the distillery and were really excited about this idea. (more…)

Pillow from Recycled Jeans

Old pairs of jeans might be out of style, but when it comes to DIY projects they can be more than useful. Since investing in new craft materials can be expensive, reusing stuff you already have at home seems like a great option. This is also true for old pairs of jeans as you can use them to make some cool things, such as DIY denim pillows. The best part here is that there are so many shapes and variations of this idea, that you can never get tired of it. (more…)

Restoration of a Hallway: Before & After

Take a little peek at this hallway.
The carpet was torn out and replaced with beautiful wood laminate. They re-finished the bannister (and all remaining 90s-brown wood in the house) a nice bright white. and all the walls have been painted. Some pictures on the wall, a mirror, a plant… What do you think?

DIY Recycled Denim Basket

If you’re looking for a cool project to try this upcoming weekend, then here’s a great idea that will also help you to recycle your old jeans. Why keep unused pairs of jeans in your closet when you can transform them into a nice little denim basket? The supplies you are going to need for this project are: old jeans, a sewing machine, a pair of scissors and (more…)

Light-filled tiny home with fourteen windows and two skylights

This is a modern tiny house design filled with light and uniqueness. The house is called the Hikari Box and was built by , a company located in Portland, Oregon. The Hikari Box’s interior is filled with light and creates the impression of spaciousness. The house is divided in two areas, one for sleeping (more…)

Spacious two-bedroom tiny house is fit for a small family

When it comes to the critics of tiny houses, most of them consider these too small for a family that has children. But owning a tiny house doesn’t mean you can’t have children or that you have to feel uncomfortable all the time because the lack of space. There are tiny houses that are just perfect for a family with two children, such (more…)

How to Turn Old Jeans into a Bath Mat

Clothes tend to go out of style very quickly and this can leave you with a bunch of things that you just don’t wear anymore. But if you don’t want to throw them out or give them to someone, then you can always transform them into something new. If you have lots of old jeans, you could use five of them to make this cool jeans bath mat for your home. Your bathroom will not only look hip, but you will also recycle old stuff from your wardrobe and save some space for new pieces. (more…)

Woman Builds Tiny Houses For Birds That Visit Her

Love of birds can take a new meaning. In Portland, Maine, an illustrator took her skills as an artist into a generous direction. Bird-lover created something that few people would do: decorated little houses for birds. Her tiny friends really appreciate the gesture and they often return daily to their new fashionable homes. (more…)

Amazing Outdoor Wood Burners

These amazing outdoor wood burners or indoor bioethanol burners are created by award winning designer Alex Dodson. These striking designs are a fantastic way to brighten up your outdoor space and are sure to be a talking point at your next get together.
At (more…)

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