A 2,192 Square-Foot Shipping Container House

Many people argue that shipping containers are not really suited for an actual home but look at this beautiful 2,192 square-foot shipping container house. Seven recycled shipping containers were used to create this beautiful modern, two-story home. The exterior is not unlike the neighborhood’s ...

160 Sq Ft Shipping Container House

Shipping containers used as main building material for a house isn’t a new thing, but this one example has surpassed all previous projects of this kind. The people behind this house are from Costa Rica and with the work they’ve done they prove packing a great home into ...

Spacious Container House Made of 8 Shipping Containers

You might think that homes made out of shipping containers aren’t spacious. Or that people who resort to this architectural alternative make a compromise of utility over comfort. The project we’re about to show you proves all of the above to be wrong. The home you see in the photos ...


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