Truck Bed Tent For Camping

This is such a great idea! Would you like one of these? Tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space tall 5 ft. ceiling height and five windows provide excellent ventilation and openness… This truck bed tent is perfect for camping.

Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes.

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32 Responses to “Truck Bed Tent For Camping”

  1. Anita says:

    Where can I get a truck tent

  2. Sanju says:

    How much is d cost, & do u ship to india

  3. Robyn says:

    I need a catalog

  4. Ed Smith says:

    Please send info about what will fit a 2002 Mazda B4000 roughly 5’W x 6.5″ L bed and cost, colors. Thanks Ed

  5. Lenore Partridge says:

    Cost of your tents

  6. Manny huizar says:

    My wife and I are avid campers and enjoy taking the kids on trips to the back country. This would be a great addition to our outdoor family!

  7. Ralph says:

    Hi, Interested in pricing for 1 of these truck tents. Thanks

  8. Dean says:

    Hi i have 34 ford it has a step side traditional tub back on it.
    How wide is the tent and would the 6 foot one fit?? How wide is it can you send me dimensions .??…
    Also can you drive with it up??

  9. Thomas Roberson says:

    Want a tent for 99 ford ranger

  10. Gerhard Oosthuizen says:

    Estimated price for Nissan NP 200

    • Mona Gullviva says:

      Hi there! Do you know where I can by this? and wich Trucks it suites on? I would Love info about this,because I need to know wich truc/Pickup I half to choose 😉

  11. Sandy @ cooktophunter says:

    This really cool for camping

  12. Gary says:

    Price for one for a chev utilaty 2013

  13. Tammy Volner says:

    I love it.

  14. Where can we get it, what kind of truck?

  15. Kevin Pearson says:

    How much

  16. Stephen says:

    Please post your Prices please

  17. Margaret says:


    I work in rural health in Africa.

    This will be perfect as ambulance service to transport patients from remote rural villages to hospitals in town

    This is SO GOOD

    How can I get one

  18. Margaret says:

    I work in rural health in Africa
    This is a perfect rural ambulance service to transport patients from rural villages to hospitals in town.

    THIS SO COOL. Where can I get one and cost

  19. Louis says:

    Send me more info pls

  20. Sand Pebble says:

    We have had these in South Africa for many years.

  21. DH says:

    Bass pro shop has a half dozen style of bed tents ranging from 130 to 400 dollars

  22. Rob Edwards says:

    Cabelas sells this for around $350.00

  23. Michele says:

    They sell them on amazon. Just look up the word truck tents.

  24. Bryan Thomas says:

    Guys… There is a giant link, encapsulated with >>> link <<< in blue, literally right up there ^.

    Use it.

  25. Robert Rivera says:

    I have a small bed Ford explorers sportrac.
    Is there anything for my vehicle???

  26. cj says:

    for link to tent

  27. Robert says:

    there’s a link under the second pic:

  28. mellisa Corbett says:

    Where in SA ( south Australia ) can i buy one plz .

  29. Sérgio Ribeiro says:

    Hello how much for Land Rover Defender 90

  30. Kimhak says:

    That is a really cool tent.

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